Ingrown Toenail

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An ingrown toenail is commonly found on many people. It affects the corner of your toe, particularly the big toe. The affected toe will accumulate soft flesh like structure on one corner of the toe causing intense pain and swelling. It can be easily treated at home by taking little extra care. You are at great risk if you are diabetic since it affects the nerves of your toe due to peripheral neuropathy.

Symptoms :

The affected toe will develop swelling and redness around the nail. There may be constant pain with tenderness along the toenail. It can cause infection on the tissues of the toenail increasing the pain. If you have any of the symptoms with pain on the big-toe you need to take treatment at home or else consult your doctor.

Causes :

The main cause of getting ingrown toenail is wearing tight shoes. The toe will not get any breathing space if you wear tight fitting shoes. It can be caused due to trauma or injury to the toenail or by cutting your nails so short as to expose your skin.

Diagnoses :

It is easy to detect the ingrown toenail by physical examination of the affected toes.

Treatment :

You can soak the feet on lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes. You can repeat this procedure for several times a day. This would reduce the pain and inflammation and will soften the nail-bed. Wear proper shoes and always keep your foot dry and clean. You can take painkillers like Ibuprofen for getting comfort. You can also apply topical antibiotic ointment for preventing further infection.

Lifting the nail gently by placing a piece of clean cotton swab underneath the infected toenail will help you to separate the toenail from the underlying skin. By doing this, the nail will eventually start growing. You can also try trimming the toenail by carefully removing the ingrown portion only. If you have severe pain and inflammation you can consult your doctor without any delay.

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Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail Ingrown Toenail

Surgical treatment is done if the inflammation is severe and pus discharge is present on the toe due to infection. Your doctor will give you oral antibiotics prior to surgery. He would inject local anesthesia on the affected toe uses scissors or scalpel for removing the infected toenail. The nail is removed either partially or completely depending on the intensity of infection.

This process will prevent the nail edge growing inward. For cases of recurrent ingrown toenail growth, your doctor will have to remove the nail along with underlying tissue in the nail-bed. This will prevent it from growing inward again. Usually this procedure is done with laser method without causing any pain. Ingrown toenail can be a big problem for diabetic patients who should inspect their feet condition regularly.

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