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Herpangina is a disease causing fever and mouth sores. It largely occurs during summer season on young children. Virus belonging to the family of Coxsackie and enterovirus causes this disease. The affected child will develop sore throat with high fever. Herpangina is marked by the presence of ulcerous growth or blisters on the throat making it difficult for the child to eat or drink. This problem if not attended on time, can cause dehydration problem making it complicated.

Causes :

Coxsackie virus can cause herpangina accompanied by sore throat or ulcers on the throat with fever. Some group of enterovirus can also cause this disease. The virus gains entry into the body through air particles or through rectum. When a person gets into contact with the mucus of affected individual this virus easily spreads the illness.

Initially the virus remains dormant during the incubation period (1-2 weeks). Half of the people infected with enterovirus will not have any symptoms for the first two weeks due to this reason. This factor makes it difficult to prevent the transmission of virus.

Symptoms :

Common signs of herpangina are sore throat, fever, formation of blisters on the back of throat, ulcers and tonsils. The lymph nodes around the neck are the characteristic feature of herpangina. Some people may have rash formation along with the above symptoms.

Diagnoses :

The doctor can easily identify the disease making use of herpangina. He looks for the above symptoms of sore throat and fever. If necessary he would collect sample tissue from nose or throat for analyzing it on the laboratory for detecting the presence of virus.

Treatment :

The symptoms will last for a week or two and the treatment depends on the intensity of symptoms. Tylenol or ibuprofen is given for managing body pain and fever. Since this disease affects throat causing blister formation it becomes difficult for the children to eat and drink. This can cause dehydration problem and sometimes the children has to be hospitalized.

Mouthwash can be used for treating mouth ulcers and pain caused by herpangina. Topical creams like lidocaine is prescribed for controlling pain on the oral cavity and throat but you need to consult your doctor before giving this drug to your children. Some of these drugs can cause adverse effect on the children if taken with high concentration.

Unlike other diseases, herpangina cannot be cured by antibiotics since it is caused by virus. Antiviral medication can be given for treating the symptoms. Antipyretics and antihistamines are usually given for controlling the pain and fever. Very often, the child will recover quickly after taking medications. This is a self limited illness that can be cured within a week. Only some children who are adamant and not taking any foods needs to be hospitalized for preventing dehydration.

Some people may confuse herpangina with foot and mouth disease, since it will also cause blisters. However the blisters and ulcers will develop on the front of the oral cavity in foot and mouth disease and in herpangina it occurs on the back of mouth. And skin rashes are often present in HFM disease but absent in herpangina.

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Herpangina :

Herpangina Herpangina Herpangina Herpangina

Prevention :

Follow good hygiene and stay away from persons infected with virus. So far no vaccine has been developed for preventing herpangina.

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