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Chiggers are certain types of mite belonging to the family of Trombiculidae. They are like ticks and spiders but they live in gardens, parks and forests. Larval form of chigger is largely found on plants that lie close to the ground surface. Chiggers live in moist areas only since they need high level of humidity. Chiggers measure 1/150th of one inch and hence they are invisible to the naked eye. They have six to eight legs and are red in color. It becomes visible only if they are appearing in clusters on the skin of your body.

How Do They Feed?

Chiggers often attach to the clothing or shoes when you are working in the garden. Unlike popular belief chiggers will not stay inside your skin making burrows. They will insert feeding structures into your skin to inject enzymes which will cause damage to the tissues of the skin. Subsequently the skin becomes hard forming stylostome. Chiggers will leave your body after they complete feeding upon the decayed tissue. It would cause itching on the place where chiggers enters the skin.

The mouth of chigger and their feeding structure are very delicate and hence they can easily penetrate the skin areas like wrinkles or folds of armpit or groins. They usually feed on the ankles or groin or behind the knees.

Chigger Bite Symptoms

It is difficult for anyone to notice the chigger bites since they cannot be seen by naked eye. It is only after 3-4 hours the area of the skin that has been penetrated by chiggers will start itching. This is followed by slight redness or raised blister formation on the affected area. There will be severe itching for 2-3 days. Itching will grow after time if the stylostome (feeding tube) of the chigger is left on the skin. Itching will stay even for weeks until the blisters scar completely resolves from your skin.

Treatment :

There is no treatment available directly for curing chigger bites. The treatment can be given to control the symptoms. Itching and swelling can be managed by anti-inflammatory drugs like calamine lotion and oral pills like Benadryl. Corticosteroid creams can also be applied to control intense itching. Because of severe itching many people will scratch the skin constantly which will lead to blister or lesion formation.

Chigger Bite Home Remedies

Some people will apply nail polish or alcohol on the injured area believing that the chigger would still remain inside the skin. But no proof exist that these methods are effective in killing the chiggers. Make sure that you are taking antihistamines for managing itching and the wounds heal properly on the skin. Prolonged delay of healing of blisters will give room for bacterial infection.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Chigger Bite :

Chigger Bite Chigger Bite Chigger Bite Chigger Bite Chigger Bite Chigger Bite

Prevention :

It is better to prevent chigger bites than to treat it. Since chiggers stay on the clothes for long time, you should avoid wearing same clothing after you have visited outdoors like gardens or parks. Taking lukewarm water bath is good to destroy the chiggers that stay on your skin. Wash your hands and legs with soap water after you get back home from gardening.

Wear long sleeved clothes when you are going outdoors. Cover your foot with high shoes or boots so that it cannot enter into your shoes. Chiggers cannot survive cold temperature (below 15 C) or hot temperature (above 37 C). Hence if you are living in sunny areas then you will not get chigger bites.

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